About LongView

Corporate Overview

LongView International Technology Solutions, Inc. (LongView) is an acknowledged and award winning multi-ISO/CMMI appraised company focused on delivering first-class solutions to solve our clients’ business and technical challenges in providing quality healthcare and security to our nation. LongView provides trusted consulting, and solutions in an increasingly complex and growing world.  Our deep expertise in technology and analytics helps us serve a broad constituency of clients that range from cabinet-level departments of the U.S. Government to the largest Federal IT contractors in the world.

LongView provides full-spectrum information technology (IT) program support including systems engineering, agile software development, advanced systems integration, information assurance, information security, infrastructure management, informatics, cloud solutions, intelligence community support, and a wide-range of program management and administrative support services. LongView is an Eligible-Cleared Facility and uses its large and expandable Sensitive Compartmental Information Facility (SCIF) to support our classified clients and partners.