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Software and Solution Development

solution development

LongView utilizes an array of methodologies and approaches to developing solutions for our customers, all of which can be tailored to specific needs, requirements, and constraints.  We have found great success with the Agile Unified Process which allows us to be flexible and responsive in a dynamic environment, while ensuring the delivery of quality artifacts throughout the development lifecycle.  We develop software with three core tenets that guide every engagement:

  • Agility-More than just a methodology, agility encompasses responsiveness to our customers’ needs and a framework that supports redirection and re-prioritization.  By utilizing the Agile Unified Process, we are able to standardize our approach, train our personnel, and be flexible enough to optimize our approach based on current and projected needs.
  • Quality-Agility and responsiveness cannot jeopardize quality.  We emphasize release gates for our solutions and a validation methodology that ensures that only properly matured and validated solutions are delivered into production environments.  
  • Transparency-Stakeholder, Product Owner, and client communication is foundational to everything we do.  From dynamic means of capturing user stories and required functionality, to providing our customers with real-time metrics and reporting; we empower our clients to make informed, timely, risk-managed decisions about changes in priorities.